At the huge CIMT fair in China many suppliers and of course WENZEL exhibit coordinate measuring machines. Beside the well-known market companions from Europe also many small Chinese producers were present. For companies that need CMMs, but also for the a German manufacturer which Ro-Mega Trade represents, the question of what sets WENZEL CMM’S apart naturally arises. 

We would like to outline five essential arguments that are important at WENZEL:

  1. Quality starts with mechanics.
    We are convinced that quality is not simply achieved by buying and screwing together individual components. Therefore, WENZEL has a very high vertical range of manufacture and already start the precision process with the careful processing of our granite stones. Every inaccuracy of the granite that is physically correct (“lapping”) does not have to be determined and corrected later by complex compensations.
  2. Quality is a result of the high competence of the developers and the production staff.
    WENZEL believes in the quality of skilled workers, that it’s why they invest constantly in trainings and rely on a long partnership. This competence is reflected in the machines. We are convinced that only excellently trained employees with a high understanding of the machine as a whole can develop and manufacture individual parts at a high standard.
  3. The customer’s problem determines the solution and the design of the machines.
    WENZEL has grown through flexible solutions. Our customers rightly often demand something “out of the box” from us: longer, wider, in a different colour. No problem – challenge us!
  4. Innovative partner solutions allows WENZEL to offer the best possible solution.
    If manufacturers offer only their own components, this always means compromises for the customer. Therefore, WENZEL work together with companies that are better at something than they are, for the benefit of customers.
  5. Sustainability is expressed through good customer service, long and global availability of spare parts and permanently low operating costs.
    Our goal is to establish long-term relationships with our customers, that is why we are very proud to sell this machines. WENZEL machines last long, very long. We quickly provide all necessary spare parts and the corresponding services. This is way our customers can also enjoy their WENZEL CMMs for a long time.

“For us at WENZEL, the production of a high-precision coordinate measuring machine begins with a passion for good and solid craftsmanship. The selection of the used materials has to be made carefully and on the basis of the desired quality, not on the highest possible profit of the supplier. This is our tradition & philosophy and we are convinced that there are no better-quality machines on the market. We at WENZEL believe: Tradition and innovation are not mutually exclusive! We know and keep our roots, but we stay ahead every day”, sais Heiko Wenzel – managing partner of WENZEL Group GmbH & Co. KG.