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Horizontal turning machines

The range of CNC horizontal lathes from DN Solutions (formerly Doosan Machine Tools) covers and performs a wide range of tasks, for machining different materials, from steel, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, quartz, ceramics, plastics or other materials.

The range of horizontal lathes from DN Solution is so extensive – for sure you will find the perfect CNC lathe for your projects. Whether you are looking for a compact or large CNC lathe, with milling function (C-axis), with Y-axis, with grinding spindle, or high-performance CNC lathes, with 6-12 inch or larger universals, large turning diameters and lengths, with or without secondary spindle, multi-axis, multi-tasking with two universals or gantry loader, you can find the right DN Solution (Doosan Machine Tools) equipment. The Ro-Mega Trade team is ready to help you find the right solution and CNC lathe for your machining needs.

CNC lathes are suitable for machining parts such as valves, shafts, gears, flanges, housings, screws, pipes, hydraulic parts, aluminum rims, series or unique parts.

Industries: automotive, marine, aviation, electronics, energy, construction, oil/gas, medical and IT.

A CNC lathe is an equipment whose final purpose is a finished part. Basically, the material is rotated while the tools of the machine tool remove the excess to produce the desired part. There are an infinite number of applications that can be made on CNC lathes.

CNC horizontal lathes are ideal machines for mass production and machining of complex workpieces, especially for machining workpieces that have cylindrical geometric shapes.

CNC means computer numerical control and is based on a language system that communicates by issuing alphanumeric codes.

Horizontal refers to the main spindle which is parallel to the floor – probably the most well-known and commonly used are horizontal lathes. With horizontal lathes, gravity is a great help, pulling the chips away from the workpiece, so as the workpiece rotates, the chips fall into the chip conveyor or container.

*Puma GT 2600L CNC horizontal lathe (general structure)

  • Main control panel: on/off switch, reset, emergency buttons, etc.
  • The structure – the most important component of a lathe, the component that ensures the rigidity and stability of the CNC lathe. DN Solutions has adopted a tilted, cast-iron structure for all its lathes to ensure stability and rigidity and also minimum vibration and increased precision.
  • Main spindle

The basic 2-axis CNC horizontal lathe has only the main spindle. Models with (S) also have a secondary spindle (sub-spindle).

*Horizontal CNC Lathe DN Solutions – Main spindle

When we talk about the main spindle, we are primarily talking about the type of drive which can be: belt type, built-in, gear box, or direct drive.

  • Tail stock

The tailstock is the support device for the workpiece which was in the Z-axis direction. A typical tail stock structure is shown below.  The tail stock cannot be attached to a machine that has a sub-spindle.

Types of tail stock

– Manual – uses human force

– Programmable – uses hydraulic pressure.

  • Turret

The turret is the tool holder which can be of 8, 10, 12, 16 and 24 posts, the 12 post being the most common. In principle, the turret is clamped/ unclamped by hydraulic pressure; in order to change the tools, the turret it is rotated by a servo or hydraulic motor.

*Turret of Puma SMX 2100 horizontal multi-tasking lathe

  • The chuck

The chuck is the device that clamps the workpiece using hydraulic or pneumatic pressure and is rotated together with the workpiece by the spindle motor. The workpiece clamped in the universal will be machined by the tool attached to the turret. The chuck dimensions can vary from 6 inches to 32 inches.

  • The steady rest

The steady rest is mainly used to eliminate vibrations that are generated when the long workpiece is rotated. Steady rest can be fixed or mobile, manual or programmable.

Optional accessories that can be attached on a horizontal CNC lathe: chip conveyor, air gun, coolant gun, q-setter, part catcher, oil mist collector, oil skimmer, air conditioner, bar feeder and many more.

Ro-Mega Trade supports you all the way: from selecting the right horizontal lathe with the right accessories, to installation, commissioning and training, and after, for post-warranty, retrofit or upgrade services.


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