SVM 4100

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SVM 4100

SVM 4100, the newest vertical center launched by Doosan Machine Tools

The SVM4100 vertical machining center has been developed to meet the increased demand for machining of Aluminum die castings in both the Automotive and IT industries. In addition, it can be used for general-purpose light duty machining of Steel parts.

Boasting the  characteristically excellent spindle performance that ensures Doosan’s reliability, the SVM 4100 3-axis machining center delivers continuous safe and quick light-duty cutting performance, making it ideally suited for aluminum die casting companies requiring light-duty cutting and high productivity.


The SVM machine incorporates Doosan’s traditional C-frame design structure, but is optimised to provide high productivity for fast, light duty machining operations.

  • Y-axis 410mm class ensures higher productivity
  • With a stroke of 770mm for the X-axis, 410mm for the Y-axis and 510mm for the Z-axis, the SVM 4100 offers a rapid feed rate of 36m/min, thus guaranteeing even higher productivity.
  • The machine specifications include a max. spindle speed of 12000r/min, max. spindle torque of 96 N·m, and max. spindle motor power of 18.5kW
  • The non-cutting time has been drastically reduced by optimizing the accleration/ deceleration rates for the axis feed system: 0.72/ 0.6/ 0.6