SmartScope SP

SmartScope® SP systems are designed for optimum scanning probe performance. Starting with a rigid base structure, the system mechanics are designed to optimize dynamic data acquisition critical to scanning probe performance. SmartScope SP systems feature ultra-stiff Z-axis motion, and one independent motion axis that carries the part. These characteristics eliminate common mechanical errors that degrade scanning probe performance.

Optical Performance

SmartScope SP optics combine a wide field objective lens, optical zoom, and 5 megapixel monochrome digital camera, providing a distortion free 16mm diagonal field of view at low zoom, with high resolution at high zoom. Careful design of both optics and illumination sources ensure accurate imaging at all zoom levels.

Video Sensor Capability

Decades of QVI® experience and innovation in video metrology have led to the development of best-in-class image processing capabilities. The exclusive FeatureFinder® tool uses higher order edge analysis for each lighting condition, ensuring accurate performance for a wide range of part types and finishes.

Optional TeleStar® Plus TTL Laser

The optional TeleStar Plus laser offers very long working distance with sub-micron resolution. The on-axis and through-the-lens design allows laser measurement over the full measuring range of the system.

Three Platform Styles

SmartScope SP systems offer three unique platform arrangements, each one optimized for its range. 

  • The SmartScope SP 332 is a benchtop system with a patented elevating bridge design, with machined-in orthogonality.
  • SmartScope SP 463 is a floor model system with a fixed granite bridge supporting X-axis and Z-axis motion, while the part is moved only in the Y axis.
  • SmartScope 663 is a moving bridge system designed for larger, heavier parts. During measurement the part remains stationary while the optics and sensors are moved around it.


SmartScope SP systems are offered in a complete package for high performance multisensor measurement. QVI Scanning Controller, SP 25 scanning probe and ZONE3® Express metrology software are included as standard with all SmartScope SP models. Performance specifications for SP models are according to ISO 10360 standards.

System Configurations

SmartScope SP 332 offers high performance in a convenient benchtop package. The patented elevating-bridge design provides machined-in squareness and a large work envelope that uses very little floor space. An air-bearing Z-axis motion system provides the friction free motion and stiffness necessary for excellent scanning probe performance.

XYZ Travel: 300 x 300 x 250

SmartScope SP 463 is a rugged, floor model system of proven design to handle larger, heavier parts in a workshop environment. The fixed bridge design separates the primary axis motions so they are completely independent, with no influence on each other. Rigidity and stiffness give this transport superb volumetric accuracy.

XYZ Travel: 450 x 610 x 300

SmartScope SP 663 offers a large measuring volume and high payload capacity in compact footprint. The moving bridge design provides an open work envelope allowing heavy parts to be loaded by a conveyor or overhead crane if needed. Granite base and granite bridge with heavy duty cast uprights ensure thermal stability and vibration isolation for excellent scanning performance, even under adverse conditions.

XYZ Travel: 650 x 660 x 300