BCR Leasing IFN SA

• Competitive costs tailored to your projects
• the variable rate of interest rate, with a minimum threshold, revised quarterly, according to the EURIBOR (3M)
• flat-rate analysis commission applicable to the value of the funded asset;
• the monthly administration fee is applied to the initially funded amount;
• residual value: flexible, depending on the duration of the contract;
• insurance: ALL RISK, with favorable insurance rates, through approved insurers;



Currency EUR LEI
Interest rate variable based on 3M EURIBOR / 6M ROBOR 3.9% 4.5%
Analysis commission 1.5% 1.5
Monthly commission applied to the funded amount 0.05% 0.05%
Advance 15% 10%
Period 60 months 72 months


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BCR Leasing IFN SA   


•  costuri competitive, adaptate proiectelor dvs

•  dobânda de finanţare variabilă, cu prag minim, revizuibilă trimestrial, în funcţie de indicele EURIBOR (3 M)

•  comisionul de analiză dosar flat, aplicabil la valoarea bunului finanţat;

•  comisionul lunar de administrare este aplicat la valoarea finantata initial;

•  valoare reziduală: flexibilă, în funcție de durata contractului;

•  asigurare: ALL RISK, cu cote de asigurare avantajoase, prin asiguratori agreați;


Exemplu de oferta:

Moneda EUR LEI
Dobanda variabila in functie de 3M EURIBOR/6M ROBOR 3.9% 4.5%
Comision analiza 1.5% 1.5
Comision lunar aplicat la valoarea finantata 0.05% 0.05%
Avans 15% 10%
Perioada 60 luni 72 luni


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