Xcite is the new manual coordinate measuring machine for fast verification Wenzel simple parts. Provides an economic opportunity to enter the world of metrology. Compact Renishaw sensors collect contact points to be stored and evaluated with the powerful software latest Metrosoft Quartis. The measured values are generated in a measurement report with minimal effort.

Features Xcite
– Motherboard, made of granite cross and pinola
– Guides pneumatic air cushion, self-cleaning,
for travel line on all axes
– Quality motherboard surface to DIN 876/0
– Compatible with Renishaw heads: MCP, MH20, MH20
– Rulers Renishaw sensors: TP20
– Compact
– Easy access for maintenance

Domeniul de masurare
XCite 55 XCite 75
X 500 700

Acuratete: MPEE = de la 3.5 + L/250 μm pentru XCite 55