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MeasureMind 3D

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MeasureMind 3D

Precise measurement and total control at the click of a mouse

MeasureMind 3D Multisensor metrology software is the premier acquisition and control software for OGP video measuring systems. Get maximum productivity from video, laser, touch probes and micro-probe, including measurement of parts mounted on single or compound rotary indexers.

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  • Systems: Available on SmartScope® Quest™, SmartScope Flash™, and SmartScope ZIP® systems.
  • Autofocus Tools: Edge and surface focus, SmartFocus (first, last, or highest contrast surface within scan), Advanced Focus (automatic optimization of focus algorithm)
  • CNC Control: XYZ stage positioning, magnification (zoom lens systems), illumination source and brightness, rotary table, edge detection and image processing, autofocus, geometric calculation, comparison to nominal values and tolerances, report generation, data export etc.


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