• P 2000 Series – Available in all the prominent compatibilities (Mahr, Mahr-Federal, Tesa, Marposs). Broad product range with measuring ranges from 1 to 10 mm plus models with a compressed air (pneumatic) lifter or with vacuum retraction. With rotary stroke bearings (except P2001). High linearity over the total measuring range and excellent electromagnetic shielding (EMC).
  • P 1300 Series – Plug and Play Probe: Cable and Probe can be separated with the plug-in connector. High linearity due to sensitivity compensation in the probe. Excellent electromagnetic shielding (EMC).
  • 1301 / 1303m / 1304K / 1318 Mahr-LVDT – Extremely robust in all operating conditions as the measuring system is offset to the guide and mounting shank. Excellent clamping characteristics. Measuring spindle runs in rotary stroke bearings (except 1318). It is possible to lift the measuring spindle with a cable release (1301/1303).
  • 1340 Mahr High Precision Probe – To obtain the best results use in conjunction with Millitron 1240. Unprecedented measuring accuracy and minimum linearity error < 0.01 %, i.e. 0.4 µm over the total measuring range.
  • EHE  Series Lever Type Gage Heads Federal-LVDT – Gaging pressure is less than 4g / .14 oz in either direction, with a change of less than 0.1 g per 25 µm /.0001“ of contact travel and linearity of 0.1% over the full range ± 0.250 mm  ±  .010“, also clutch-mounted contact swivels through 280° arc for easy positioning.
  • Spring (Pantograph) Type Gage Heads – Friction-free, straight line motion. Repeatability better than 0.01µm/.5µin Linearity – 0.05% over full range of ±0.250 mm / ±.010“ with repeat accuracy within 0.01µm/.5µin. Adjustable pretravel. Gaging pressure provided by external spring, from 85 g / 3 oz. to 400 g / 14 oz. Uses regular 4 – 48 threaded Contact Points (PT-223 normally furnished).

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