Mahr Indicator Stands and Comparator Stands offer extreme stability for highest precision and long life.

  • Indicator Stands – The indicator stands from Mahr have an extremely sturdy base, in addition to this both the post and support arm are made of stainless steel. There are several different types available, for example; with a magnetic base or with an flexible stem.
  • Comparator Stands – Mahr comparator stands are characterised by there highly stable construction. The platesare are made from either hardened steel, black granite or ceramic. We also offer modular units for a more tailor made solution.
  • Run – out testing equipment – Center bench – Run-out testing equipment from Mahr are ideal for quick, simple and very accurate way of testing concentricity on cylindrical and tapered parts.

To download technical specifications, click here: sTANDS – INDICATOR AND COMPARATOR