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Metrology Systems

SmartScope Flash CNC 200

Technical specifications

  • XYZ travel: 200 x 200 x 150 mm
  • XYZ scale resolution: 0.5µm, with dual Z-axis scales
  • Drive system: DC servo with 4-axis control (X,Y,Z,zoom); with multifunction handheld controller; dual Z-axis drives
  • Worktable: Hardcoat anodized, with fixture holes, removable stage glass, 25 kg recommended max payload
  • Optics: Zoom 12 AccuCentric® auto-calibrating zoom with up to 25 calibrated positions
  • XY area accuracy: E2 = (2.0 + 6L/1000) μm
  • Z linear accuracy: E1 = (3.5 + 6L/1000) μm

SmartScope CNC 200 (Benchtop)

33.900,00 ‎€ + VAT

  • Exclusive AccuCentric™ auto-calibrating 12:1 programmable zoom lens. Standard optical configuration includes a 1.0x replacement lens and no attachment lenses
  • High resolution color camera
  • LED illumination for backlight, coaxial surface light, and programmable 8 sector / 8 ring SmartRing Light.
  • Standard configuration (1.0x front lens) has a working distance of 64 mm.
  • DC Servo motor with hand controller
  • Dedicated computer with customized configuration to satisfy requirements for efficient operation of the video system. Includes Windows operating system, keyboard, mouse and 27’ Full-HD monitor
  • 1 year standard warranty
  • Installation and calibration by factory authorized service engineer
  • Training at customer site with maximum 3 users for 3 days. The training must be performed within 6 months from acquisition.
  • Customs taxes and transport to the end-user

Software Measure Minde 3D

3.965,00 ‎€ + VAT

  • Full field-of-view ( FOV) video image processing and weak edge analysis
  • Single and dual monitor solution
  • Software interface control of all illumination source and zoom lens settings
  • Real-time graphical display of measurements results, with interactive editing tools
  • Intuitive mouse-driven user interface with icon toolbox for direct access to important measurement functions
  • Color 3D models with color-coded in- or out-of-tolerance conditions
  • Advance analysis functions, including math operations, branch on condition, and if-then-else statements
  • Choices of data reduction methods, including best fit and min/max geometry.
  • Compatibility with optional OGP software

Special offer
CNC 200 + Measure Minde 3D

37.865,00 ‎€ + VAT

Terms and conditions

  • Delivery: one week after advance payment
  • Payment terms: 50% advance payment with order, 40% at delivery, 10% after training
  • Warranty: 12 months from putting in function at customer site
  • Offer is subject to availability
  • The prices include transport to the end-user and custom taxes
  • The prices do not include VAT and will be calculated at the Unicredit Bank’s rate of the payment day
  • Offer contains installation and acceptance test